Custody of Kids: Why There Is No Use Trying without a Lawyer

A divorce is a tough trial for adult people; there is no need to say that their children usually feel even more oppressed. Quite often children feel that the attention they used

How a Divorce Can Affect All Its Participants

Though wedding vows seem to be sacred for the majority of people when they get married, especially for the first time, these vows cannot prevent divorces. It is a normal situation at

How Children’s Interests Are Protected after Divorce

One of the most complicated issues of family law in the USA is the issue of raising a child after a parents’ divorce. As a rule, such an event causes a strong

How Defaulters Hide from Paying Support to Their Kids

In accordance to reports of divorce lawyers in Arizona, the number of ex-spouses who refuse to pay alimonies has increased significantly. Two years ago single mothers received only $19.5 billion from biological

Is It Possible to Win Full Custody of Children?

One of the silliest questions a child can be asked is: “Which parent do you love better?” There can be no precise answer to this question, but children often have to face

Marriage Agreements: Insurance of Love and Faithfulness

There is nothing new in marriage agreements. They have already become a normal thing in many countries and societies, even the most patriarchic ones. In all cases, these agreements are a thing

The Use of Marriage Contracts and Strange Prejudices

Though marriage agreements have been around for a long time, they are still treated as something untimely and romance-killing by certain marrying couples. Still, advantages of such an agreement usually show up

Things to Know to Make Your Divorce Easier

If you are about to divorce, do you need a lawyer? Supposedly, you will say that you do, because a divorce is a complicated and very responsible matter.

Types of Custody of Children and Their Difference

When two adults decide to divorce, no matter how each of them suffers: their children suffer most of all. As a rule, if parents never afforded abuse towards their children, kids love

What a Father Can Do to Win Custody of Kids

The fact that the majority of courts usually solve divorce and child custody matters in favor of fathers makes numerous men think what they can do to receive a right to take